Validation of the Elation Wb² Scale

Introduction and Purpose

The Adaptive Wellbeing Psychometric is the individual assessment tool within Elation’s Wellbeing Workbench™ (Wb2) ecosystem.  The goal of this study is to establish evidence that the 15-item Wb2 Scale is valid and reliable for measuring wellbeing.


Prior to this study, several ad hoc studies were conducted to establish face validity. Subject matter expert reviewers were also asked to assist in refining the scale. Several adjustments were made based on these and preliminary statistical outcomes, resulting in the 15-item Wellbeing scale utilized for this study. A total of 661 responses from working professionals across the USA were collected on Elation’s internal assessment platform. To pursue the goal of validating the scale, the group was then randomly divided into two sub-samples in order to conduct the Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) and Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA). Both samples satisfied the criteria for use in their respective analyses. To ensure no internal bias was present, we also included an externally developed and validated scale (The Quality-of-Life Scale).


The first study (EFA) on sample 1 (n1 = 210) showed two factors, with 13 of the 15 items having a loading of > .4, which was considered the threshold for inclusion. The two items that did not meet the criteria were removed for the CFA. The results of the CFA (n2 = 451) showed a moderate fit, with factorial loadings being significantly high, thus confirming the factor structure uncovered in the first study. Both factors showed a great internal consistency (α > .80). Criterion validity (concurrent) was also established by correlating the scale with other metrics used in our system (Job Satisfaction, Turnover Intention, Job Engagement, and Sleep Quality). All the correlations between the Wellbeing scale and these scales were significantly high (p <.001). Convergent validity was established as the Quality-of-Life Scale correlated significantly with our wellbeing scale (p<.001).


The Wb2 scale is a well-validated and reliable method to measure wellbeing. The scale can therefore be used with confidence to gauge employee wellbeing and find actionable solutions to increase that wellbeing.

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