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Then build resilient, high performing teams with our proven program to improve leadership effectiveness and workplace culture.

81% of employees are disengaged at work and low employee engagement costs companies $450-500 billion each year (as defined by Gallup Research).

Meeting Design & Facilitation

With Elation's ability to uniquely assess and visualize your organizational wellbeing and proven mindset training based in neuroscience, your leaders and teams will improve their performance, while also reducing their risk of burnout and improving retention rates.

Start with an accurate diagnostic tool.

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Everything starts with a timely and accurate diagnosis. Having a validated assessment provides the confidence that you are making decisions based on trustworthy data.

Elation starts with a personal wellbeing assessment that provides each respondent immediate feedback and then uses the de-identified group data to assess the complex corporate environment.

The AWP diagnostic tool identifies ways to improve individual performance.

Once there is an accurate diagnosis, you then need to invest in the people who are engaged and committed to making improvements from within the organization.

A proven way to build an aligned team of engaged staff begins with Master Your Mindset™ individual coaching.  This focuses on the person’s thinking and mindset towards the organization and their relationships with co-workers.  Coaching accelerates personal development and improved problem solving. Agile thinkers become more effective contributors.

Improved individual performance results in improved organizational performance!

In tandem with individual coaching, Master Your Mindset™ group facilitations are used to drive improvements in organizational practices that can reduce the unique stressors specific to any organization.

"Hiring Elation was one of the best decisions we made when it came to engaging an outside leadership performance company."

"We cut our turnover ratio by over half to 14.29%, saving the bank over $150,000 in turnover costs.  We witnessed improved teamwork, innovative and solution-focused employees, a desire to promote within the company, and more effective management."

Ty Nelson - President, First Bank, a division of Glacier Bank

Having an accurate, timely, and validated assessment is essential as you consider making important investments to enhance the performance of your organization.
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