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Ensure High Quality Patient Care

Over 50% of doctors and 48% of nurses experience clinically diagnoseable signs of burnout. *

Empower your team to improve resilience and provide exceptional care, with a  proven combination of psychometric assessment, organizational wellbeing visualization and customized coaching, and neuroscience-based group training.

*As defined by the World Health Organization


We understand that the system creates a lot of pressure on doctors, nurses, and administration.

When this happens, the work no longer feels meaningful...

Health systems should be able to work together to provide exceptional care and avoid the high cost of overworked doctors and stressed teams.

Our Partners:

Our assessment and programs were developed in partnership with neuroscientists and psychometrics professionals. So far, Elation has been able to reduce burnout risk by up to 50%.

Monday, October 12, 2015.

See how Elation can reduce the causes of burnout and bring vitality back to your workplace:

Creating Resilience: The Leadership Mindset

Neuroscience and mindset research are helping us understand the leadership practices and behaviors that drive the outcomes we seek AND avoid those that undermine the results we desire...

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