Is there a toxic work environment in your organization?

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There is more than one way to drive team performance.  Sometimes it is done through micromanagement and intimidation.  You can get a clearer picture of whether your teams are operating in alignment with your organization’s values.

Create a unique “P&L of Wellbeing” visualization platform for your leadership.

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We have created a platform that quickly shows you WHO needs help and WHAT help they need. Imagine knowing the financial risk to your organization before performance and desired retention is impacted.

Do minority team members feel comfortable in your organization?

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Your employees wellbeing goes far beyond just wellness programs.  Taking a more holistic approach to understanding the key influencers of wellbeing can take your teams to the next level.

Provide an accurate understanding of staff development opportunities.

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An accurate and valid assessment can help you make the nuanced decisions that keep your team aligned and motivated. Team members who invest in their own wellbeing have one of the hallmarks of great long-term performers. By understanding the attributes of your top performers, you better understand how to support your future leaders.

Understand how wellbeing correlates to key performance measures.

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Your employees wellbeing goes far beyond just wellness programs.  Taking a more holistic approach to understanding the key influencers of wellbeing can take your teams to the next level.

Connect employees to your existing staff support resources.

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Supporting your leadership and frontline staff with the best resources and programs is essential. We can help you identify gaps and drive awareness and utilization of existing investments.

Are there wellbeing patterns that are not obvious?


Each organization’s culture creates patterns of behavior. Sometimes these “acceptable behaviors” can mask underlying issues that are not obvious to leadership. Having the direct feedback offered by the Wellbeing Workbench™ can often be enlightening, as it is presented without internal filters of bias.

Are your investments in wellbeing and performance working or not?

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We all want to do more of what works, and cut our losses on investments that clearly are not paying off. The ability to track the performance of your wellbeing investments over time will help you assess whether you are getting sufficient benefit in return. Even successful programs will sometimes have a declining return over time, and should be regularly reassessed.

"As a first-time Elation client and coaching participant, I was thoroughly unprepared for the experience."

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"I had no idea what to expect from having a coach, yet I went in with these assumptions:

  1. That my coach would be fake and full of sugar-coated “advice”.
  2. Having a coach meant someone would be yelling at me for not meeting goals.
  3. We would just stare at each other awkwardly and have nothing to talk about.

I am happy to say I was proven wrong in all of this. My coach was incredibly sincere, showing real investment and enthusiasm in her purpose. She was easy to talk to and comfortable in her role. And there was no yelling. I found that instead of having someone else telling me what to do and how to do it, I had a partner willing to find out what I wanted to do and help me find a way to do it.

This process was truly life changing. I highly recommend Elation for anyone needing a positive change in their life and especially for those who, like me, don’t even think they need it.”

~ Carolyn Robinson, Billings, MT