Meet Charl Jacobs

Organizational Psychologist/ Psychometrist

Charl is a registered Organizational Psychologist / Psychometrist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa, specializing in psychometric test development and validation, psychological research, and product management.


He is also highly skilled at data mining and predictive analytics, especially using large sets of psychometrically obtained data. Charl has knowledge of the HR function together with the ability to collect, understand, analyze data while making practical inferences about the data.

  • Charl spent the five years of his career at a Neuroscience firm as the Head of Diagnostics, Analytics, and Research.
  • While most individuals in his profession turned to full-time HR and consulting HR roles, Charl realized that data is the future, and as such, immersed himself in the field of behavioral analytics.
  • He was tasked with bringing many projects to fruition from start to finish. This includes the in-depth psychological understanding of a specific topic to making it a commercially viable product.
  • Charl has developed and statistically validated a number of tools on various topics and fields of study.
  • Although he is regarded as a specialist in his field, Charl is also well versed in commercial and marketing strategy development and implementation.
  • College: Stellenbasch University, South Africa: Bachelor of Commerce (Organizational Psychology), Bachelor of Commerce - Honors (Cum Laude), Master of Commerce (Organizational Psychology)

Charl works remotely from Cape Town, South Africa for Elation while spending short stints with the Elation team in Billings, Montana. Charl enjoys doing charitable work in South Africa and uses his skill set to assist non-profit organizations in any way he can.

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