When your people perform at their best, magic happens...

        • Goals accomplished faster
        • More creativity
        • Lower turnover
        • Improved communication
        • Decreased stress
        • And more


Elation uses applied neuroscience, mindset research, and psychometrics to optimize individual, team, and organizational performance.

We offer the most unique and dynamic performance optimization platform on the market to measure and improve employee wellbeing, retention, engagement, belonging and culture…the Elation Wellbeing Workbench®.


Number 1

Start with a personal report for every individual

The Wellbeing Workbench® (Wb²) validated psychometric assessment tool measures each respondent’s current wellbeing and performance potential, while providing immediate individual feedback and guidance, while informing aggregate organizational metrics.
Number 2

We then visualize the organizational data on our powerful Wellbeing Workbench®

This visualization platform enables easy exploration and more accurate understanding of Workforce Wellbeing and the WHY behind employee engagement or disengagement.
We offer integration with your existing HR data and buiness performance KPI's to create an even more powerful decision-making tool.
  • Opportunities for improvement
  • Benchmarking of high and low performing teams and supervisors
  • Cultural insights such as Belonging and Inclusion

What Clients Are Saying.

Having an accurate, timely, and validated assessment is essential as you consider making important investments to enhance the performance of your organization.

Ty Nelson

President, First Bank, a division of Glacier Bank

"Hiring Elation was one of the best decisions we made when it came to engaging an outside leadership performance company. We cut our turnover ratio by over half to 14.29%, saving the bank over $150,000 in turnover costs.  We witnessed improved teamwork, innovative and solution-focused employees, a desire to promote within the company, and more effective management."


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