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Elation coaches meet people where they are in the moment and help them discover where they want to go.  You have the answers within you. But sometimes, you just don't know how to unlock them.

At its core, the purpose of coaching is to help transform the way people think, in order to help them get better results.  The real value of coaching lies in the process of unearthing what the participant really wants out of life.

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Organizational success is dependent on the people within the organization and the organization’s ability to maximize and retain talent. Successful organizations invest deeply in their workforce, helping them grow, develop, and realize their full potential.

More and more individuals and organizations are turning to the powerful vehicle of coaching to accelerate employee performance and improve productivity, engagement, communication, and culture.

Coaching can address both personal and professional goals. In addition, participants are provided with a safe space to discover a greater sense of self-awareness.

Advances in our understanding of neuroscience have revealed that the brain is constantly changing and reshaping itself based on the input it receives. As participants gain self-awareness through the coaching process, they become more inspired and intentional about making higher levels of change in their lives.

Meet Our Team of Coaching Professionals

Betsy Spomer

Executive Coach

Jerry Dunning

Executive Coach

Amber Ussin-Davey

Executive Coach

Mike Woods

Executive Coach

Benefits of Coaching
Benefits of Master Your MIndset™ Coaching

Benefits of Coaching

Organizational Benefits

Individual Benefits

Accelerates leadership development

Reduces turnover as individuals see that the organization is willing to invest in them

Improves morale and communication

Enhances engagement

Improves performance and productivity

Improves organizational climate

Increases commitment

Creates trust and builds better professional relationships

Individualized goals and development

Positive feedback about strengths and personal style

Career enhancement and better preparation for other jobs within the organization

Increased self-awareness

Increased self-confidence

Increased emotional intelligence

Exploration of options

Improved decision making ability

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