It Starts with the Individual

The Wellbeing Workbench (Wb²) assessment tool is designed to measure each respondent’s current wellbeing and performance potential, while informing system metrics.

Every employee is uniquely engaged - or not.
It could be their work, their coworkers, their leader, or something outside of work…

By assessing their wellbeing, we learn their WHY! Knowing WHY provides proactive System Level Insights that better inform engagement efforts and beyond!

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Your Personal Wellbeing Report 1639x2000

Having an accurate, timely, and validated assessment is essential as you consider making important investments to enhance the performance of your organization.

The Personal Wellbeing Report highlights:

Buffers:  Elements that might be leveraged to combat burnout and increase resilience and readiness.

Stressors:  Elements that may be contributing to burnout and lowering resilience.

Better Data - Better Insights - Better Outcomes

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By assessing the drivers of wellbeing and human performance, we reveal unique insights about the engaged and disengaged. Unique influencers of performance by team, department, leadership, demographic etc. are identified, which allows us to uncover hidden opportunities to improve individual and group performance.

"Your Organizational P&L of Wellbeing"

Informed by unique individual wellbeing data.  Clearly identifies organizational "hot spots" and "bright spots", monetizes impacts, and drives more effective resource utilization and decision making.

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Correlating Wellbeing with Engagement and Support Resources

correlating wellbeing

Assessment Data:

Turnover Intention

Job Satisfaction

Personal Resilience



Organizational Insights

Comparison across units

Equity and Disparities

Integration of existing data

Correlation across data