It Starts with the Individual

The Wellbeing Workbench (Wb²) assessment tool is designed to measure each respondent’s current wellbeing and performance potential, while informing system metrics.

Every employee is uniquely engaged - or not.
It could be their work, their coworkers, their leader, or something outside of work…

By assessing their wellbeing, we learn their WHY! Knowing WHY provides proactive System Level Insights that better inform engagement efforts and beyond!

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Your Personal Wellbeing Report 1639x2000

Having an accurate, timely, and validated assessment is essential as you consider making important investments to enhance the performance of your organization.

The Personal Wellbeing Report highlights:

Buffers:  Elements that might be leveraged to combat burnout and increase resilience and readiness.

Stressors:  Elements that may be contributing to burnout and lowering resilience.

We roll-up and anonymize individual data into insightful group reporting

This group report identifies overall themes and elements that may be impacting engagement and readiness including:

Applied Neuroscience 1800x1013

Opportunities for improvement

Benchmarking of high and low performing teams and supervisors

Cultural insights such as Belonging and Inclusion

Great Lakes 3000x3000

We then visualize the organizational data on our powerful Wellbeing Workbench®

This visualization platform enables easy exploration and more accurate understanding of Workforce Wellbeing and the WHY behind employee engagement or disengagement.

We offer integration with your existing HR data and business performance KPI's to create an even more powerful decision-making tool