Key Elements in the PiOR Process


The PiOR (Provider-informed Organizational Resilience) process is driven by the needs of clinicians, staff and administrators which increases the likelihood for success and sustainability.

Healthcare is a complex, highly regulated industry, employing some of the most extensively trained people on the planet.

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Add to this the stakes involved in patient care, and a protracted worldwide pandemic, and it is easy to see why chronic stress levels are taking a steep toll on our provider community.

Elation's 90-day Provider-informed Organizational Resilience (PiOR) program can be delivered to cohorts of physicians, nurses, clinical teams, or custom-designed to fit a specific targeted need.

We understand that to effect changes designed to reduce stress, improve performance, and increase engagement and belonging for all staff, you need three elements:

Start with an accurate diagnostic tool.

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Everything starts with a timely and accurate diagnosis.

Our Adaptive Psychometric Assessment (AWP) looks at the range of wellbeing factors most correlated to individual performance.

Elation starts with a personal wellbeing assessment that provides each respondent immediate feedback and then uses the de-identified group data to assess the complex healthcare environment.

The AWP diagnostic tool identifies ways to improve individual performance.

Once there is an accurate diagnosis, you then need to invest in the people who are engaged and committed to making improvements from within the organization.

A proven way to build an aligned team of engaged staff begins with Master Your Mindset™ individual coaching.  This focuses on the person’s thinking and mindset towards the organization and their relationships with co-workers.  Coaching accelerates personal development and improved problem solving. Agile thinkers become more effective contributors.

"I feel like I'm significantly more resilient now."

"I became a better leader and manager, I learned how to delegate, how to take away some of the responsibilities that were weighing on me, how to give them to the team. I can tell you the difference - it's night and day now.  I would never have thought that it would happen!"

Katherine Dietrich, M.D. - Medical Director, Palliative Care Services - St. Vincent Healthcare

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Improved individual performance results in improved organizational performance!

In tandem with individual coaching, Master Your Mindset™ group facilitations are used to drive improvements in organizational practices that can reduce the unique stressors specific to any organization.


What we discovered along the way...

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Our Mayo WBI Case Study results were inspiring!

Nothing works in isolation.

Where others fail, we succeed.

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